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Demy App-1

Demy App

Is an application for educational institution management that has the ability to manage student systems, teacher database systems, subject systems, evaluation systems, learning assessment systems, academic reporting systems, Parent database, name checking system, teaching schedule system, student recruitment system, school calendar system, etc., all of which are stored. In just one Demy App application Makes managing work in various parts It is continuous and Our system stores various databases on Cloud Server, which allows users to access the Demy App application anywhere, anytime there is Internet, easily, conveniently, and quickly.


Evaluation system

Academic work system

Financial system

System for homeroom teachers

Registration system

System for subject teachers

Parent system

Executive system

General work system

Mobile applications

Student affairs system

Online application system

Examples of various systems in Demy-1 Examples of various systems in Demy-2

Examples of various systems in Demy

Registration information management system
Consists of related registration systems in educational institutions, such as a database of students who are currently studying and have graduated. or all the past

Example of a student attendance record page
-1 -2
-1 -2

Example of a course teacher's score recording page

Example of a page detailing homework and work assigned by the subject teacher.
-1 -2

Information management system For students and parents

Consisting of a Dashboard to view daily summary reports, a personal information page, a page with a list of homework or work from the subject teacher, a news page from the homeroom teacher, a page for notifying leave and leave history.


User experience

"Easy to use, convenient, fast"

Demonstration School, SWU Ongkharak
User experience-1

Help develop

Helps with the development of educational institutions to have more standards. Reduce the work of teachers and administrators.

Reduce paper

We store all information digitally, reducing paper use by more than 70%.

Convenient and fast

The program is stored on a Cloud Server which can be accessed anywhere, anytime with Internet access.

Stable and safe

Our Cloud Server is based on world-class service providers such as Digital Ocean, AWS, which can ensure stability and security.


We have a complete program for academic administrators, teachers and for parents.